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Peter Hübner – The Significance of the Soul in Human Evolution

Peter Hübner:  The pacemaker with its electrical impulse system shows, that modern medical science is getting on to the phenomenon of an inner impulse-giving – but the doctors, following here the neuroscientists, assume, that such natural impulses come from the brain.
My opinion is, that these impulses – as far as one can trace them back without difficulties – come from the sun of our self, which sends light impulses to our mind via our inner organs of cognition: intellect, feeling and understanding, where they initially reveal themselves to us as our consciousness.

On their way to our thinking these universal cosmic light impulses of the sun of our self get filtered by our so called three inner organs of cognition: intellect, feeling and understanding and this filtering follows the organizing principles of our conscience.
Only after this they reach our mind, which filters them again – this time following the organizing principles of our mind.
After their double filtering these inner cosmic light rays are passed on to our neurophysiology via our mind – first of course to our brain, which again filters these meanwhile electrical impulses according to its own organizing principles and then finally passes the rest on to our organs.

But this does not mean, that the sun of our self would not be able to also pass on its cosmic light – which by nature is all-pervading – directly to our mind and/or to our body.
In the described case this cosmic light of the sun of our self, having by nature a universal character, shines on different fields of our existence, and when filtering it, we recognize the natural hierarchy of exertion of influence on our health.
The highest-ranking authority here is our self, followed by intellect, feeling and understanding and then by our senses of perception – which I did not mention before.
Then comes our mind and/or our thinking and finally our neurophysiology.

That is, in this hierarchy our body is at the last or lowest place – it only gets the rest of the cosmic radiation of the sun of our self, which the others have left over for it.

There is a reason for it: the universal energy, which the sun of our self radiates, would principally be able, to destroy or “burn” our body.
On their way through our inner cosmic human powers to our body the mentioned stations of filtering the universal sunlight of our self – of our “sun of life” – prevent in the different layers of our existence the danger of burning – at least so long as our body has learned to expose itself to this light directly without suffering damage.
In those causes of death or illnesses or even only of disturbances in the body, which are connected with emotional deficiency, most of the causes at least give a hint to this phenomenon.

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