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Peter Hübner – The Future of Pharmaceutics
“Chemistry has evolved as a large, successful area of knowledge, and has reached the point of integrating with the harmonic.

If this integration were to take place, it would avoid the unwanted side effects of its products and at the same time, achieve a general normalising effect.”
Peter Hübner

Music & Nature: If you produce Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, do medical issues then in fact become your main issues? Your works often bear the titles of ethical values such as “peace”, “fulfilment”, “affection”, “reflection”. I am also amazed at your view of objective medicine, the effect of which must essentially be proved from a physiological point of view, whilst at the same time you also use psychological terms as titles for your music preparations such as “relaxation”,“creativity”, “harmony”.

Peter Hübner: Well, we have two issues here and I would like to begin with the simpler question of the “psychological titles”.

Particularly in connection with hormone investigations, modern medicine has recognised that there is a link between spiritual processes, emotional conditions or more precisely, between condition changes and physiological conditions and/or processes.

This is why modern medics do not see these components in quite such a separate light as their predecessors. Of course there have always been doctors who hold such a holistic view, but it is only modern medicine which has brought objective scientific proof of this natural integrity of our lives. Hormone research played a key role here, since it has revealed a clear correlation between an emotional and spiritual condition and the physiological immune system.

Depression breaks down our immune systems, and a deeply positive approach towards life activates our immune mechanisms. Those in harmony with themselves tend to be organically healthier, whereas disharmonious, frustrated, driven people tend towards organic illness.
The correlation is today widely recognised and supported.

Music affects us in three different ways. Firstly, the direct physiological effect on our entire body, through our ears and its neural pathways into the brain. This fact has been examined in much detail. Through our ears then, a direct structural effect occurs on our entire bodies – whereby our brain takes on the function of decisive co-ordination. This is a wide field, which covers structural musicology and medicine, extending particularly to neuro-physiology.

The other wide field is derived from the fact that music affects our feelings and emotions in many different ways, and triggers differentiation, like no other known medium, but can also have a calming effect and in the worst case, can deaden emotions. This is the psychological potential of music – but this aspect of music also has a physiological effect. There is a lot of scientific research available in this field. And everyone is aware from his or her own experience.

Then there is a third wide field; that of the spiritual and structural influence of musical structures, the influence on thought. However, our thought processes are also linked to our conscience and forming of our will. This means that our conscience and forming of our will generally depend more on our thought patterns than the other way around. The structural, musical influence on thought patterns in turn affects our conscience and forms our will which means that our conscience and will can be influenced by musical structures through our thought patterns. Without doubt, an extremely important wide socio-political field exists here in finding out which type of musical structures give rise to which type of thought patterns and consequently how strong the influence of musical structures is on the free forming of conscience, and free will.

Medical Music Preparations on CD
RRR 101 Vital Energy
Vital Energy

RRR 102 Harmony

RRR 103 Hormone and Immune System
Disorders of the
Hormone & Immune System

RRR 105 Gynecological Disorders
Gynecological Disorders

RRR 106 Sleep Disorders
Sleep Disorders

RRR 128 Concentration / Memory
Concentration / Memory

RRR 133 Headache / Migraine
Headache / Migraine

RRR 921 Courage to Face Life
Courage to Face Life

RRR 931 Relaxation
RRR 932 General Stress Symptoms
General Stress Symptoms

RRR 933 Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis
Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis

RRR 940 Cardiac and Circulatory Disorders
Cardiac &
Circulatory Disorders

RRR 934 Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy & Birth

RRR 935 Creativity

RRR 942 Mother and Child
Mother & Child

RRR 943 Pains / Postoperative Pains
Pains / Postoperative Pains

RRR 951 Mental Distress / Fear
Mental Distress / Fear

RRR 941 Neurophysiological and Sensory Disorders
Neurophysiological &
Sensory Disorders

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