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Peter Hübner – The Future of Pharmaceutics
“Like no other known medium, music can have a calming effect and in the worst case, can deaden emotions.
This is the psychological potential of music – but this aspect of music also has a physiological effect.”
Peter Hübner
Most of the musical structures used today are very similar to the structures used in chemistry and therefore also cause unwanted side effects. If for example the aim is to create a certain enthusiasm for a rock concert, it is never the intention to produce a scene of destruction after the rock concert and this is therefore considered an unwanted side effect.

Many other distinctions can be made here, spanning a wide area of scientific research. One such area of research is becoming important in the age of great ecological destruction and social problems.
For it can be said with certainty that the thought processes of all those involved in this problem are not structured naturally and cannot therefore perform a natural function, neither in the body nor in the environment.

The core of environmental destruction lies in the unnatural structuring of the thought patterns of the very people who destroy the environment.

And since no known medium has a greater influence on thought than music and since music is played and heard everywhere, one may conclude the following: the unnatural structuring of most contemporary music, after the technical noises made by machinery and the numerous chemical poisons, is the most important producer of unnatural thought structures, and therefore contributes to environmental destruction – be it either actively or passively.

Therefore, when I produce Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, I am very conscious of this fact and make every effort to produce music which has a natural structure and which therefore supports the naturalness of thought. So I produce music with a structure which meets the requirements of the harmonic laws of nature – as I am discovering them in the microcosm of music.

As well as structuring natural physiological processes in the human body, I am also endeavouring, with the help of musical structures, to develop naturally structured spiritual thought processes.

If our bodies and physiological make-up are structured harmoniously, even the individual cells, and preferably follow the harmonic laws of nature – which the chrono-medics have proved – and if these same harmonic laws of nature, which also affect the paths of our stars (as proved by Kepler), even rule our emotional balance, and if the same harmonic laws which we are also discovering in the microcosm of music, determine the naturalness of our thoughts and therefore influence the formation of our natural conscience and will, and if it can now be medically proved, that our spiritual state, our neurological functions and our physiological processes are dependent on, and have an equally strong influence on each other, harmonically structured music is without doubt an ideal medium to train people in the naturalness of thought, natural emotional stability and the naturalness of physiological functions.
For music is able to address these three areas of physiology, the psyche and the spirit, both simultaneously and individually.

Pythagoras mainly drew attention to the physiologically structured methods of treatment, although he examined and described all three types in terms of musical structure influences.

“For each preparation, we create a harmonic basic stock of the most varied musical structures which in terms of how they can be integrated and also how they relate to each other, represent some sort of unified field in which only later the required detail will be underlined and will become evident by its medical effect.”
Peter Hübner
And Socrates provided confirmation, but placed the greater social importance on the intellectual and/or ethical influence through musical structures. The creators of great religions by contrast placed the greatest importance on the spiritual influence through music.
Given this three-fold effect of musical structures on humans – intellectual, spiritual-emotional and physiological – Pythagoras attributed the natural, central meaning and/or function of musicology, to link the spiritual and natural sciences according to objective scientific criteria. Realising this idea however brought him serious political difficulties; he was persecuted, because the ruling class at that time of arts scholars and religious and political leaders recognised the danger of loosing a major part of their power to objective natural scientific knowledge. Several attempts were made to assassinate Pythagoras. He eventually had to flee and go into hiding.

His school – nowadays comparable in its functions to the most complex university, which integrates natural science, spiritual science and the arts – due to the persecution, had to be turned into a secret lodge and the integration of spiritual and natural scientific knowledge became a secret science.

Nevertheless, one of Pythagoras´ideas was realised; the field of natural science gained importance. This meant that the arts suffered a loss of power and became part of the useless, elite scrap heap in the field of "leisure time activities". But his one great idea of scientifically integrating the spiritual and natural sciences and the arts is still to be realised. A major task which can only be implemented jointly by natural scientists, spiritual scientists, artists and musicologists and in fact which must be implemented if the human race is to survive in natural human dignity.

The coming together of modern musicology and medicine as an organically grown field, in which the object of scientific study – man – encompasses mind, body and spiritual state, ought to represent an essential key in performing the task of modern medicine.
And there is an important future role for Micro Music Laboratories® and pharmaceutics to become actively involved in gaining precise knowledge on the correlation between spiritual, emotional and physiological processes – beyond current medical aid for patients.

Medical Music Preparations on CD
RRR 101 Vital Energy
Vital Energy

RRR 102 Harmony

RRR 103 Hormone and Immune System
Disorders of the
Hormone & Immune System

RRR 105 Gynecological Disorders
Gynecological Disorders

RRR 106 Sleep Disorders
Sleep Disorders

RRR 128 Concentration / Memory
Concentration / Memory

RRR 133 Headache / Migraine
Headache / Migraine

RRR 921 Courage to Face Life
Courage to Face Life

RRR 931 Relaxation
RRR 932 General Stress Symptoms
General Stress Symptoms

RRR 933 Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis
Neurodermatitis / Psoriasis

RRR 940 Cardiac and Circulatory Disorders
Cardiac &
Circulatory Disorders

RRR 934 Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy & Birth

RRR 935 Creativity

RRR 942 Mother and Child
Mother & Child

RRR 943 Pains / Postoperative Pains
Pains / Postoperative Pains

RRR 951 Mental Distress / Fear
Mental Distress / Fear

RRR 941 Neurophysiological and Sensory Disorders
Neurophysiological &
Sensory Disorders

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