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Peter Hübner – The Future of Pharmaceutics
“The coming together of modern musicology and medicine as an organically grown field, in which the object of scientific study – man – encompasses mind, body and spiritual state, ought to represent an essential key in performing the task of modern medicine.”
Peter Hübner
Music & Nature: A few more questions to finish. In general terms, how do you compare medical preparations from Micro Music Laboratories® and the corresponding pharmaceutical preparation?

Peter Hübner: The methods we follow in the Micro Music Laboratories® mean that for each preparation, we create a harmonic basic stock of the most varied musical structures which in terms of how they can be integrated and also how they relate to each other, represent some sort of unified field in which only later the required detail will be underlined and will become evident by its medical effect. We do not strive to achieve an individual isolated effect. Since from the point of view of nature, there is no such thing – it would still produce side effects – at least in biological systems.   Realistically I can never just try to achieve a  desired  effect, but must always consider the side effects and again all of their counter effects from the outset: I must go about this in the same way as nature itself does:

Nature firstly creates a person, and then his warts as an expression of an integral malfunction of the most varied processes, which have a hierarchical order. Nature doesn`t first create the wart and then with the help of its malfunctions, the person. Chemists should not harbour the idea of being able to treat the wart without treating the person as a whole. The wart is connected to all parts of the human body – i.e. as all parts of the human body are connected to the wart. Any influence exerted on the wart also affects every other part of the body and also the psyche and spirit – i.e. the person as a whole.

When treating the wart, the untrained doctor will naturally think that he only influences the wart or mainly the wart and perhaps other parts of the patient as only a side effect. But who or what has told him that this is how it really is? Only his own visual impression!

But by taking a closer look at the internal functions of his patient`s body as a whole, it would soon become obvious that he was mistaken, that very probably other parts of the body were seriously affected – e.g. the brain – rather than simply the one relatively insignificant, ugly wart – and with many long-term consequences. This viewpoint can possibly explain many brain malfunctions; entire malfunctions of the body have been created from the sum of relatively insignificant influences on localised physical malfunctions. Modern medicine is just learning that the human body must be treated holistically according to its objective scientific benchmarks and to focus on detail from the situation as a whole. Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and pharmaceutics too must help in this respect.

“With each preparation, we create a harmonic basic stock of the most varied musical structures which in terms of how they can be integrated and also how they relate to each other, represent some sort of unified field.”
Peter Hübner
But in the same way as Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, pharmaceutics too can only pursue this path of knowledge by using harmonically structured preparations. This great pharmaceutical challenge is on the edge of modern medicine and it will successfully pursue this challenge with the help of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and under pressure of the medical performance of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® – the quicker the better; for medicine, for patients, for doctors and for pharmaceutics. Like the previously described situation, a pharmaceutical product which is not harmonically structured will have the same influence on  the  human  body  as a  harmonically unstructured musical product, tending towards unnatural structuring and given the integral human unit, also on the thought process as a whole.

And even if a chemical product has a lesser effect on the structure of thought than the influence of music, the non-harmonically structured pharmaceutical preparation – like the non-harmonically structured music – contributes to the creation of spiritual conditions for a person`s own destruction like destruction of the environment.

This final ecological issue is another reason for pharmaceutics to start creating harmonically structured preparations. And I do believe that this would mean lower costs for producing pharmaceutical preparations too.

Music & Nature: Well I am getting confused now. Can further developments in producing pharmaceutical preparations with an all-encompassing effect be cheaper than producing simple preparations with specific effects?

Peter Hübner: Of course. You need only commercial life, without the knowledge of simple mathematical rules. Take the "Times tables" out of the area of finance and we will end up in an economic crisis. The creation of an external order always essentially depends on the creation of an internal order. The creation of an economic order is therefore linked essentially to the creation of a simple mathematical order.

This simple mathematical order can be easy enough for a child in between years one and four at school to understand and the economic order so complex that even thousands of adult scientists cannot find the answer.

Now get rid of a few of these scientists and a few of their theories, it might have very little effect on the economic system as a whole, in fact it may not be noticeable at all. But get rid of the mathematical knowledge of the nine-year old child and everyone notices. So you see that simple knowledge is enough to maintain the foundation of very complex orders and that if this simple knowledge were to disappear, such large orders could very quickly lead to chaos.
Harmonic knowledge is about knowledge of the laws, which jointly form the basis of all levels of order in nature.

It would seem that everything which happens in nature is held together or integrated by universal laws of harmony – from the physically internal order of the smallest particles and atoms, elements and their compounds, biological systems, through to the order of the galaxies. The great thinkers, researchers and scientists of all time have felt bound by this knowledge and many of them have achieved proof here in their own specialist fields. And great thinkers, philosophers and educationalists have always been convinced that this situation also applies to our inner human abilities; the fact that our thoughts, feelings, conscience and will and also our senses: hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell is ruled by the same universal laws of harmony as rule the entire cosmos.
Our age seems to have the task of finding proof for whether this theory is right or wrong and has already taken the first steps, in modern medicine.

Music & Nature: Herr Huebner, many thanks for this interview.

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