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Reducing Itching in Patients with Neurodermatitis

Under investigation was the question, in how far through a psycho-physiological har­moni­za­tion and relaxation by the help of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® itching could be reduced in patients suffering from neu­roder­ma­titis on a short and long term basis.

For this purpose an experimental group of 28 patients was built, who in addition to the nor­mal treatment listened to Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, as well as a control group with 10 patients who received the conventional treatment “only“. The patients were between 18 and 60 years of age.

The music treatment was given over a period of 14 days, three times a day (morning, noon, evening) for 30 minutes each. All patients stayed at the hospital and were treated ac­cord­ing to the individual degree of the dis­ease.

The different variables as different sickness degrees, internal and external medication as well as already made experiences with other relaxation techniques were kept constant over the two groups, this also applied for age and sex.

For therapeutic reasons we could not give up the ongoing treatments with internal and ex­ter­nal medication during the treatment with Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, therefore we made a protocol of using the medications in regard to a specific or general treatment and kept these variables also constant within both groups.


Before and after the treatment the patients evaluated the itching according to a five step scale. For the statistical evaluation the results of four treatments were taken – before start­ing with the treatment, at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the treatment.

The evaluations document that itching re­duced significantly in both groups: by 59% in the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® group and by 14% in the control group.

Also a short term and long term effect be­came evident: after each music treatment itching was less than before and with pro­ceed­ing application of MRT-Music® also the overall sensation of itchiness reduced.

These results confirm that Medical Reso­nance Therapy Music® is a valuable thera­peu­tic tool for neurodermatitis patients to help re­duce tension and itchiness. Like in other medical fields before also here a training ef­fect is brought about, because a greater re­duc­tion in itching is achieved as the duration of auditory training increases.



Dr. med. Lazaroff
Dr. med. Shimshoni

peter huebner • micro music laboratories
M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E   T H E R A P Y   M U S I C ®
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