on his International Project of the INTEGRATION OF SCIENCES & ARTS
5. Integration of Sciences & Arts
The Scientific Basis

The integration of sciences & arts stands on three strong pillars:

1. on a profound scientific cognition of the microcosm of music and the inherent laws of cosmic harmony.

Without this knowledge, the integration of sciences & arts would not be scientifically implementable.

2. on profound, objective medical tests and investigations with the aim of objectifying health – as opposed to objectifying any diseases.

3. on the specific, successful application of the laws of harmony, on the systematic training of the inherent inner-human cosmic abilities intellect, feeling and understanding in the areas of cognition, creativity / intuition and harmony, and thus, always connected with it and resulting from it, on the development of higher states of consciousness, which are not guided by the earthly conditions – as they have been – but by the cosmic realities.

Therefore this training aims