on his International Project of the INTEGRATION OF SCIENCES & ARTS
6. Integration of Sciences & Arts
The Artistic Basis

The scientific and artistic basis of the integration of sciences & arts is the individual recognition of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music as well as the scientific application of those laws of harmony in a music which can be perceived by the physical ear.

One must bear in mind that the harmony laws are laws of universal logic and that in essence they are inaudible.

Just as the falling apple served the famous scientist Newton to study gravity and then to recognise it as the basis for many processes in the universe, in the same way the sounds serve to reveal to our consciousness, via the ear, the inaudible harmony laws as the internal forces moving the sound; furthermore they serve to supply our consciousness and also our neurophysiological processes with the gained knowledge about the function of the inaudible harmony laws as a stimulant for improving the function of our consciousness and neurophysiolgy.

As complicated as it may sound at first – from this simple situation unfold, among others, also the diverse proven positive medical changes in the application of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® in the field of modern scientific medicine.