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Creating Music
as an Empirical Process of Knowing

The Purpose of Outer Music

Empirically comprehending the outer musical reality only served to inspire us to empirically comprehend our own inner musical reality; and thus it served to comprehend our own inner, perfect, natural art of music: our art of life.

The Ever-Present Hour of Birth of the Music

In the process of our creative music listening, our “creating something new” is typically a “re-semblance,” a “re-vival,” a “re-calling into being,” a “re-creating,” a “fundamental realization.”

The Golden Tree of the Art of Sound

Hence, creative music listening is that mechanism where we learn how to make the golden tree of music grow naturally and spontaneously out of our own inner potential to shape a perfect life, through the forces inherent in our natural life potential; and we do so after an outside stimulation from the spheres of our innermost intuition: from the fertile ground of our innermost faculties of cognition. From the height of our pure self-awareness, we go down to the world of our human feeling and understanding, and still further down to the world of our neurophysilogical functioning – even further down to the to the field of shaping the material environment.

Directly Grasping Life’s Universal Reality

And thus we can look at our creative forces also as empirical forces – only, that our direction of cognition this time points inside: here our empirical comprehension concerns not the outside, but our inside.