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The Unproved
in Gaining Knowledge in Music

The Unproved on the Path of knowledge from the
Musical Sound-Space to the Motif-Space

When we came from the musical sound-space through the motif-space, and delved into the deeper musical levels of knowledge, the existence of a next higher field of musical knowledge was not at all evident to us, because the experience of it was not available to us, unless we actually entered this field of cognition.

The Listener Deduces the Existence of More Powerful Musical Force-Fields

Thus, in the field of the musical sound-space, we could at best anticipate the existence of a motif-space.
Because only from some higher order, which we felt and which seemed to move the tones, we concluded the existence of a more powerful force-field which seemed to cause and control the movement of the tones.

The Listener Advances to More Comprehensive
Organizing Principles

In our systematic investigation into the organizing forces in the musical sound-space, we now advanced step by step into the fields of knowledge of more and more comprehensive organizing principles, and we found that, indeed, forces of a higher order governed the musical sound-space from within.

The Feeling as the Driving Force for the
Process of Knowing

In the course of this analysis we leaned, above all, on the joyful experience of our feeling which discovered more and more joy within itself as it searched for higher orders.

Emotional Encouragement on the Path towards
Musical Truth

Due to this increase in joy, our intellectual gaining knowledge in music, our emotional and our intellectual comprehension of a musical meaning beyond the tones, was encouraged more and more.
And this encouragement was of mostly emotional nature, and it was related to the increase of our inner sensation of happiness.

Intuition of the Feeling in the Finding of Truth

All by intuition, our feeling then grasped the existence of higher organizing principles.
In the musical depths, it found greater simplicity and a more effective application of power of the subtler musical forces.