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Authentic Conveyance of Truth

The Subjective and Objective Sphere of Music

An analysis of power shows that music is divided into two large spheres: an active and a passive sphere, a creative and a created sphere, the subjective and the objective field of music. Where the sounds originate, where the world of the musical sound–space begins, there ends the subjective sphere of music, and there begins its objective field, extending all the way to the acoustic event.

The Objective Sphere

This objective field of music also includes the dimension of our inner hearing; because the process of inner hearing includes the thinking of sounds on the level of the mind (i. e. , the musical thought), as well as the organ for surveying the thought (the sense of hearing), but also the mechanism of surveying itself (the mechanics of the sense of hearing).

The Subjective Sphere

However, this outer world of thinking is limited in space and time whereas that, which lies at its basis and generates it, is located beyond space and time and constitutes the subjective, the creative sphere of music.
If this inner, subjective sphere is not the conscious, natural basis of the composer’s musical thinking, the musician himself as well as his listener will be barred from the enlivening, rejuvenating effect of music, from the immortal nectar of the divine creative spark, and through their sense of hearing they will experience only the outer product: the world of the objective, the world of the powerless, the mortal aspect of music – its body.

The True World of Music

This clear insight into the subjective and objective sphere of music removes music and the creation of music, at their very roots even, from the field of tones into the world of the alive alone – thus prescribing completely new horizons for music education.

It calls for a systematic training of comprehensive human capabilities which reach into the depth of man’s personality.