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The Answer Being Equivalent
to the Question in Music

The Listener’s Quest for More Comprehensive Truth

In our process of gaining knowledge in music, again and again we looked for more comprehensive truth.
Practically, this meant that in the field of our feeling and understanding we were aspiring to the state of greater and greater fulfilment.

The Musical Answer to the Quest for More
Comprehensive Truth

The answer to this question we then received on a correspondingly higher level of musical cognition, in the experience of deeper, quieter happiness in our feeling, and in the experience of more restful alertness on the level of our understanding.

Step by Step the Listener Strives for Higher
Musical Knowledge

So, in this process of knowing, we started off from a given status quo of our knowledge, or of our fulfilment respectively, and step by step we aspired to higher knowledge, or fulfilment respectively; we strove for certain goals and reached them, and we strode on to the next goal, and reached it as well.

Step by Step the Musical Tools of Cognition Awaken

One by one, we went through different strata of knowledge, and we arrived at correspondingly different stages of intellectual and emotional fulfilment. We saw the strata of knowledge as being separated in space, and we experienced our stages of knowledge as being separated in time; and between our different stages of knowledge there was a new phase in our process of knowing, and it meant an increase of our state of fulfilment.

Desire and Fulfilment of Desire Unified in the Harmony

Now, in the field of the harmony, we realize that the desire, the process of its fulfilment, and the completely fulfilled desire are one; and we realize that this phenomenon is based on the nature of this infinite force-field of the harmony – based on the nature of our own pure self-awareness.

Question and Answer Unified in the Absolute Now of the Harmony

Now, in this perfect world of experience so new to us, we find that with our question for truth the comprehensive answer is already given, that with a desire for fulfilment simultaneously fulfilment itself arises overwhelmingly in our world of experience – without a separation in space or in time.

For this supreme musical process of knowing so new to us proceeds completely beyond space and time.

The Creative Music Listener Localizes His Ideal Field of the Pure Fulfilment of Desires

While, in the field of the musical sound-space, we still experienced the question and the answer for the musical meaning as very distinct from one another, these two components of gaining knowledge began to grow closer together in our inner space of imagination as we experienced the motif-space; and in the sequence-space then, question and answer had already come quite close to each other.
In the infinite space of the harmony the question and the answer for the musical meaning melted into unity, and we realized that this level of our pure self-awareness is the ideal, pure field of our fulfilment of desires.