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Advancing to the
Transcendental Play of Music

Tone Analysis

Due to a great amount of scientific research and a recent improvement of our habits of hearing we know today that a tone is not just a tone. We know that, in the so-called tone, lies a hidden world which had been ignored so far by conventional music and even by music theory.

Furthermore we know that, proceeding from the music of the classical and romantic periods, true progress, so necessary today, is only possible – and in our present time even necessary – through the mastery over the microcosm of music.

This rediscovery of the microcosm of music and of the harmony laws of the Creator, or Almighty Nature respectively, concealed in it, is closely linked to the revival of music as such.

Penetrating the Life of Music

Only through the natural, artistic mastery over the subtle spectrum of overtones of a sound the universal life of music is made accessible – that secret power, that secret magic which constitutes true music.

Making the Microcosm of Music audible

To make the microcosm of music audible – those subtle and ever more subtle spectra of overtones and their ever more closely spaced tones – is the rewarding appropriate task of our present time.

Tonality as the World of Sociological Musical Standards

Tonality is the world of the sociological standards of music, and the melody, which moves in a tonality created of the natural spectrum of overtones, remains, despite its diversity, within the cosmic standards of that social order of overtones – the tonality.

Tonal Relations

In complete appreciation of natural, tonal relations the motif moves as the melody within the tonality, and within these great social cosmic laws it establishes, determined by the harmony, its natural relationship with the other motifs that take part in the musical event.

Polyphony and the Social Structures of Music

Within a sounding social framework which is ruled by the tonality, polyphony describes, in terms of this understanding, the cosmic development of the various motifs in the form of various melodies.

Moreover, in an integrated universal world of many such social structures, polyphony forms the melodious descriptions of the development of many motifs sharing a common goal under very different social circumstances.

A New Understanding of Music

Naturally, this understanding of music requires a synthesis of music creation and musicology – two specialized fields which even today are still taught separately and therefore behave almost like stepparents towards music.