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Musical Relationships

Synthesis of Motif- and Sequence-Technique

In its systems of tonalities, the world of musical orders contains relationships between sounds as clearly defined as our human social structures.

In the melody, the motif-technique portrays the natural harmonic coexistence of the individual with itself, predetermined by the Creator, or Almighty Nature respectively, in the harmony laws of the microcosm of music.

The sequence-technique portrays the individual’s natural harmonic coexistence with the other members of society, accordingly predetermined by the Creator, or Almighty Nature, in the harmony laws of the microcosm of music.

At the height of perfect music creation, the synthesis of motif-technique and sequence-technique results in an integration of individual and social life at the summit of cosmic perfection, so that, from the individual’s point of view, not only his individual, but also his social life is covered completely in this perfect musical presentation.

The Musical Orders of Power

The sequences determine the different social cosmic structures of the motifs – from small to large, from family to society and peoples; they provide the individual motifs with the fullness of the world of unboundedness – from the infinity of the harmony; for the sequences are the multifarious expressions of the harmony, this one great father of all the motif-children who in the worlds of sequences appears in a manifold motherly form – as the noble, loving guide on their great path of individual unfoldment.

The Musical Omnipotence of the Harmony

Here the music creation, in the diversity of its systems and structures, only elucidates the inherent omnipotence of that one great harmony which is the basis of all sequences, all melodies, all motifs, and all tones, but also of all musical sound-spaces, and which for the entire musical event is nothing other than the manifold play of itself with itself and within itself – for the attentive listener the music of life per se on the summit of cosmic perfection.