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Unlimited Potential for Structuring
the Musical Sound-Space

The Four-Dimensional Sound-Space

Sound may adopt any form in space. In the acoustic space the inner multiplicity of sound, however, may also be conjured up in the four-dimensional space-time relationship.

New Technologies in the Subatomic Force-Field of Music

Through such unlimited formative potential even in this outer acoustical field of music the inner universal logic of the musical reality can be unfolded for the listener with incomparably greater plasticity than the conventional technology of music production ever allowed.

The Overtone-Composed Sound

Due to a growing demand for higher quality in music, and with the application of completely new technologies in the subatomic field of music, for the first time it is possible for us listeners to look, as if through an electron microscope, into the microcosm of music.

Hence, we suddenly experience sound as the celestial space of a sparkling splendour of stars moving in manifold patterns. We find ourselves in the midst of the natural musical universe.

Because each individual tone lights up in the diversity of its overtones, the richly coloured structure of the sound composed of overtones unfolds like the scintillating, fanned feathers of a peacock.

The Dynamic Overtone Structure of the Tone

While the unfoldment of overtones is governed by the inner logic of the composition, the individual overtones perform their own movements in space, and the music gains a highly spatial quality.

On the level of sound, this dynamic structure of overtones achieves that lively creative reality which is able to unlock in us listeners our own world of fantasy.

The Potential of Structural Diversity of the Tone

A tone is as much and as little an expression of wholeness as is a tree. Just as a tree is composed of roots, trunk, branches, twigs, and leaves, and just as each of these again have their own structure and their own life, a tone also consists of a multi-layered system of overtones, arranged in a manner very similar to that of the components of a tree.