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The Long Forgotten World of the
Microcosm of Music

The Liberation of Music in the Practical Performance

Until now, the listener may have experienced such cosmic sounding diversity, in the form of an inner personal revelation, only during a few enlightened moments of his inner experience – quite outside conventional music.

The music lover, under the direct guidance of the inner musical formative will now enters the deepest depths of music: a long forgotten, beautiful world in which the mechanics of overtones, directed by the composition itself, break the chains of the fixed instrument characteristics and free music from the sound in which it has been trapped.

Increasing the Energy within the Tone

Inspired by a new hearing ability, this modern subtle technology for recording music starts from the practical mastery over the microcosm of music. The enormous increase of musical energy, available for the mental-psychical stimulation of the listener, corresponds to the increase of energy which we find in subatomic fields when going deeper into nuclear physics.

Gaining Control in the Inner World of Sound

The control, however, which we gain over the “inner spectra of music” today is far more comprehensive than the control which physics has over the “inner spectra of atoms” in the field of nuclear fission.

The Birth of the Motif

During the structuring of the musical sound-space the motif expresses itself in the process of its gradual awakening within the overtone-spectrum.
Through this, the motif enlivens the space- and time-structuring elements of sound from within.

The Dimension of the Motif within the Sound

Compared to the planetary system of a “tone” with its dynamically structured spectrum of overwaves, a musical motif is something like a super-nova unfolding in a controlled manner.

The Power of the Motifs in the Microcosm of Music

Thus, just as the motif represents a world in large, the tone represents a world in small. But now, for the first time, the sound has its own inner world of extremely subtle motifs which determine its microcosm in the musical sound-space, and which now constitute the inner life of music.